Physical Projects
Tinkering with Fiber Arts and Wood

It seems like everyone picked up quarantine hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mine were fiber arts and wood projects. The former was spurred by a sudden increase in binge-watching shows after a friend gifted me her TV -- I quickly realized I need to do something with my hands while watching so I didn't feel guilty "wasting my time". Turns out the answer was a whole lotta yarn (and a whole lotta Michael's Rewards Points).

My first wood project was my climbing wall, by far my most daunting and rewarding project. That led to a few smaller projects which I've also documented here.

I call this entire process "tinkering" because I approach this as a casual and admittedly amateur form of experimentation, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting thoughts out of my head and making real, tangible things.
A handmade stool and cushion inspired by spring flowers
Fiber Arts
Climbing Wall
The hardest thing I've ever done and the proudest I've ever been! My personal free-standing woody
The project that started it all. And by "it", I mean a newfound yarn obsession
Fiber Arts
Color Factory
An introduction to punch needling where, as expected, I dive right in with a large-scale project
Fiber Arts
Weaving inspired by the flow of water and sand mixing on the beach
Fiber Arts
A weaving exploration in texture
Fiber Arts
A coffee table held together by its own parts (and no hardware!)
Rose Garden
"Wake up and smell the flowers", they say. As someone with the opposite of a green thumb, a headboard representing a rose garden is the closest I'll get
Fiber Arts
A whimsical weaving inspired by cotton-candy skies in San Diego
Fiber Arts
Candy Dots
A bobble blanket that took a long time, partly due to my slow speed but also due to craft stores running out of the colors I needed (which I guess is also my fault)
Fiber Arts