As a UX Designer at Appian, I work on features for the platform's DevOps capabilities, advocate for UX best practices on Customer Success projects, and lead a product illustration team

Appian Designer Transformed

I led the year-long UX design process for a transformed Appian developer experience that focused on new user comprehension. The vision included an "Explore" page, a place for Appian users to gain a high-level overview of an application, where I oversaw the close collaboration between designers and engineers to build the delightful custom functionality that made this "Explore" page a success.
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Icon Redesign

Following a corporate rebrand, I created new icons for the platform objects that followed our refreshed color palette and improved object recognition. The process involved cross-departmental communication to come up with a styling that both Design and Marketing liked
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Collaborative Developer Experience

I led the UX design for a feature that greatly improved Appian developer collaboration in the product -- previously, developers worked in isolation on the platform and relied on third-party tools or in-person communication to stay up-to-date with each others' changes.

After countless rounds of user interviews and usability sessions, we shipped Collaborative Packages, which improved communication and visibility within teams in the product
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Centralized Health Dashboard & Guidance Tools

I designed the user experience behind a centralized dashboard that would help teams quickly understand the health of their application and easily take action to fix problems.

I particularly enjoyed working on a suite of features that guided users at every part of the development process -- from error alerting during coding to providing overall best practice feedback during review.
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Streamlined UX and Modern UI for Customers

Outside of working on a platform team, I also collaborated with Customer Success teams on high-priority projects and advocated for best UX practices. Some sites I worked on won "Best UX" awards within the department

Illustrations built around Inclusivity

Illustrations are an industry standard as eye-catching visuals on tech platforms, but they also aid in storytelling and user experience by illustrating potentially complex concepts through a digestible metaphor.

I started a product illustration initiative to introduce graphics to the platform that not only added visual interest and enhanced user experience, but also promoted diversity and inclusivity - two values that are extremely important to myself and the company.
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