2017 Winter Carnival Poster

Dartmouth's annual Winter Carnival celebration is my favorite Big Weekend, and the theme in 2017 was "Dartmouth College of Icecraft and Blizzardy" in reference to Harry Potter. I created this submission in Photoshop and used a drawing pad for the design. The design features various Dartmouth buildings in the castle, classic winter events, and flying dragons.


While this design did not win, I received a lot of constructive criticism that helped me going forwards. The biggest comment I received regarded my lack of a central figure on the poster - there's a lot going on, but I need a main element to anchor the eye's attention. If I were to work on this more, I would either increase the size of the castle and make that the central focal or point, or do the same with the person on the dragon. Definitely something I'll work on in the future!

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