Type 2 Fun

I like to push my mind and my body, there's no question about that. I've been called a "rabid morning person" and "5:00 AM hardo". I wasn't always this way - I discovered my love for sports and the outdoors in college and since then have been sharing my passion and life lessons with anyone who will listen.

It's not hard to see that these sports have shaped me into the person I am today. Climbing taught me to embrace the "try hard" mentality and gave me a wonderful community I call home. Biking taught me the joys of muscle-powered movement and gave me opportunities to work with non-profit bike advocacy groups. Figure skating taught me the importance of a strong mental game and gave me an avenue to express myself. And now surfing is teaching me to chill out and is giving me quality time with my favorite person.
Biking the East Coast Greenway
What do you get when you mix a month-long vacation opportunity with a budding cyclist going through a quarter-life crisis? A solo bikepacking trip down the East Coast!
Biking the Empire State Trail
Shep and I attempt and (mostly) succeed in biking across New York for a wedding
Journey Back to the Ice
I thought I hung up my skates for good in 2019. After watching Kaori Sakamoto and Nathan Chen at the 2022 Olympics, I realized I wasn't done yet
South Africa Climbing Trip
What started out as a college-sponsored climbing trip ended up being a lesson in recognizing our own privilege and biases as Americans travelling through another beautiful yet complex, divided country