Appian Product Illustrations

Illustrations are an industry standard as eye-catching visuals on tech platforms, but they also aid in storytelling and user experience by illustrating potentially complex concepts through a digestible metaphor.

In my first year at Appian, I started a product illustration initiative to introduce graphics to the platform that not only added visual interest and enhanced user experience, but also promoted diversity and inclusivity - two values that are extremely important to myself and the company.

I also wrote a Medium article about the process of starting and growing this illustration team.
Platform Illustrations
Users often need to learn new processes and terms while using our product, so our main focus in our illustrations was ensuring we could come up with metaphors that made complex concepts more relatable.
Records Welcome Screen
Health Check
Deployment Review Step
Export Confirmation Screen
Deployment Confirmation Screen

Solutions Illustrations
For our ready-made Solutions, we focused on more literal illustrations of scenarios because the concepts were rather straightforward and we wanted to make sure the audience could tell exactly what was happening. We also used more colorful palettes that matched the Solution's existing branding
Financial Services Dashboard Banner
Government Acquisition Evaluation Welcome Screen

Design Library
And of course, what kind of illustration system is complete without a design library? Below is a snippet of objects and characters in our illustration library
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