UX & Dev
UX & Development with a sprinkle of Illustration

My journey in UX started when I joined Dartmouth's DALI Lab, an experiential learning lab where students design and develop digital solutions for folks in the Upper Valley.

Since then, I've gained experience in the UX field through my work at Appian and my side projects ranging from websites to game development, and I've sharpened my front-end development skills along the way.

I've also become extremely passionate about diversity and inclusivity in the tech space, which I've been able to further explore in product illustrations.

I'm still learning and still growing, and I'm so excited to see what impactful problems we can solve with thoughtful user experience.
As a UX Designer at Appian, I work on features for the platform's DevOps capabilities, advocate for UX best practices on Customer Success projects, and lead a product illustration team
Trailhead 2.0
Second Time's the Charm! A redesign of the beloved original to upgrade user experience and add some "crunchy" personality
A platform for students and staff of the Dartmouth Outing Club to explore, plan, and sign up for trips
Phoenix Bikes
Website re-design for a local DC non-profit during AIGA's 24-hour CreateAthon challenge
A party game where the goal is to learn about your friends
Full-Stack Web Dev
Projects from CS52: Full-Stack Web Dev where I super-powered my UX skills by gaining a better understanding of React, HTML/CSS and Javascript
Personal Site
A self-critique and lessons learned behind designing and coding this website