During the pandemic, I spent some time living in a beautiful wooden garage at my boyfriend's family's home on Long Island. The long summer days began at the crack of dawn, stuffing a slice of bread in our mouths as we raced to the beach, and catching as many waves as we could before 8am standup. It was the happiest of times, and it inspired this weaving which illustrates the sand patterns made by the waves. And, thanks to my boyfriend's dad's woodworking studio, I made a sturdy loom frame - a major upgrade from the yardstick in Pilot!
I made the wooden frame from a couple 1x4's and arranged nails in a zig-zag fashion (when I tried to nail them in in a straight line, the wooden started splitting). I used Everbilt cotton twin rope for the "warp" (vertical strings that run the length of the weaving), and the cardboard pieces at the bottom keep the wool from snagging on the nails and gives me enough yarn to evenly tie up the bottom afterwards.
Close-up of the yarn. I used fluffy sheep's wool to mimic the waves (and also make this project go faster!). The orange and speckled grey yarn fringes ("Rya knot") represent the textured sand.