A Punch Needling Love Story

I compulsively bought a couple punch needling tools after failing to secure a tufting gun, aaaaand I needed some inspiration to justify my many purchases.
Dartmouth Pillow
A wedding gift for friends featuring some of their favorite places on campus
The Office Coasters
A gift for my sister Karen, the number 1 Office fan in the world, to celebrate her graduation from West Point!
Leaf Coasters
Birthday gift for a roomate! This was my first attempt at punch needle embroidery and I loved how detailed I could be!
Dartmouth Coasters
A surprise for friends who just moved into their new home! The places are locations on campus that were special to them
Throw pillows
For the roommates! Two pillows that mimicked their personalities
I had initially called this "Scribble" because the design came from a scribble I doodled while watching TV, but I have been told this gives off strong worm vibes, so here we are! This project included an exploration into yarn dyeing -- I started with white wool yarn and created the colors with acid dyes. Lots of fun!
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