Twin State Derby

Nothing screams "badass" like strong women doing strong things, and nothing screams "fun and rewarding project" like working with said women.
The Vixens and Angelines are the A- and B-Level travel teams for Twin State Derby, a womens flat-track derby league in New Hampshire and Vermont. I had the wonderful opportunity in 2019 to work with Slam, Rump and Chaos from Twin State Derby to create logos and merchandise designs for the league and individual teams.

I grew up with a background in figure skating, a sport in which one must be outwardly graceful. Roller derby seemed to be the complete opposite of figure skating, and I initially approached this design thinking "brawny! scrappy! muscular!"

Through collaboration with Slam however, I quickly realized that there's so much grace in the sport, and the logos needed to evoke strength but also feminimity (without feeling too sexualized as roller derby merchandise can often be). It was such a rewarding experience working with these folks, and I'm proud of how the final designs turned out. If you're interested in learning more about Twin State Derby, head over to their site here!
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