Viva Raw

Viva Raw is a raw pet food company with a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients. The founders Zach and Jenn (as well as their adorable dog Karoo) contacted me in September 2021 to help out with a branding revamp. Over the course of a few months, we collaborated on a new logo and a set of packaging illustrations with the goal of making Viva Raw look modern, transparent, and delicious for pets.
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Existing Styles
Zach and Jenn had already done a great job with their logo and branding. I loved their simple, straightforward design which matched their emphasis on being transparent about the product you're getting.

Ideation Sketches
We explored a few different ideas before settling on a style we liked. Here are a few that didn't quite work out

Draft Design
We liked this design because of its minimalism and bright colors and decided to explore this direction

Final Designs
After choosing a style, I created labels for each of their 5 different product lines. We gave each animal a color and icon so that they would be easily identifiable to consumers. I also created background doodles for their "Complete" nutrition line, which includes additional natural ingredients.
Final designs for the Pure (meat-only) product line
Final designs for the Complete (additional ingredients) product line
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